Switching - EDI

Anac integrates with iTrack: All Medical Practitioners need to deliver their medical and member claims reliably, efficiently, and directly to medical schemes. iTrack is the most effective medical switch service by which to do so! The iTrack service offers you superior service to assist your practice with medical claims management, saving you time and money.

Patient Validation

iTrack allows your practice to validate if a patient is a member of a specific medical aid scheme. As an added benefit iTrack also provides a full list of all dependants on the medical aid scheme.

Feedback Report

iTrack provides an immediate feedback report once claims have been sent to the medical aid scheme indicating claims accepted and rejected plus the reasons of the claims rejected This report will be displayed on the batch history screen without you having to print the report.

Multiple Practice view function

iTrack gives you the functionality to enable multiple practices while running off a single installation, allowing you to change between each practice without having to leave the system.

History Archiving

iTrack automatically archives older batches ensuring that your practice is presented with the latest up to date claims.

Search Function to track claims

iTrack enables you to search for specific claims whether accepted or rejected. iTrack has a range of filters that include account numbers, medical aid member numbers, patients first names or patient surnames, allowing for easy tracking of submitted claims.

Medical Scheme Listing

iTrack provides an up to date list of the current active medical aid schemes that includes Medical Aid name, administrator, telephone number and most importantly the corresponding medical aid routing code (Link Code).

Error code listing

iTrack provides the full description of an error code to aid in the fixing of rejections to be easily resubmitted to the sheme

Electronic Remitance Advices

Anac automatically imports the ERA (Electronic Remitance Advices) from iTrack, which makes payment reconciliations from the medical aids a hassle free task.

Realtime EDI Submissions

Anac and iTrack provides immediate feedback as soon a claims have been sent to the relevant medical aids. iTrack provides realtime fund validation on the following medical aid administrators: MHG and Discovery.