Patient Accounts

Anac allows each individual patient to have their own individual account and where an account has multiple dependants per account. Medical Patient Account validation can be run through iTrack to retrieve the correct information about a patient directly from the Medical Aids.

Appointment Diary

Schedule patient appointments electronically in Anac. Add colours, procedures and authorisation numbers. Anac will send automated SMS's to remind patients of their appointments. Specific time blocks can also be blocked out so that patients are not booked during times that you may be in theatre, ect.

Switching - EDI

iTrack provides realtime patient validation on all medical aids and realtime fund validation on MHG and Discovery Medical Aid administrators. Anac integrates with iTrack for all EDI purposes; patients and dependant information is also validated against the card holder files.


Send and receive emails directly from Anac, send payment reminders, documents and statements without haveing to utilise 3rd party applicaitons.

Disciplines Supported

Anac is specifically aimed at Specialists and supports the following disciplines:
  • Anaesthetists, Specialist Anaesthetists and GP Anaesthetists
  • Specialists
  • Surgeons
  • Radiologists
  • Gastroenterologists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Cardio Thoracic Surgeons
  • Group Practices


Payments can be taken on account level, batch payments or through automated importing of ERA (Electronic Remittance Advices).

SMS Facilities

Automated SMS's can be sent to remind patients of appointments or to debtors that owe money. SMS's can be sent and received through Anac. Anac integrates with the following SMS service providers: RxTx, SMS Portal, Click a Tell, Bulk SMS and iTouch SA

Clinical Documents

Attach any type of document to a patient's file. This could include: X-Rays, blood results, word documents, excel spreadsheets, ect.


Add and communicate with contacts directly from Anac, send refering letters, and SMS's. SMS and Email all patients with outstanding amounts, referal letters, ect.

Data Conversion

Anac has functionality built is to convert data from you existing PMA software package to make the transition onto our system a more pleasant experience, we convert all data, including Patient Account, dependant details as well as transactions.

Report Writer

Anac is installed with the standard reports needed to operate and manage your practice successfully, but if the standard reports are not enough the system has added fuctionality for you to write your own custom reports using the custom report writer.

Stock Control

Capture stock directly in Anac; dispensed medicines will decrease the stock level automatically and Anac will warn you when the set stock thresholds are reached.

Data Synchronization

Anac has the functionality to export data from the system, import it on a notebook, work on two seperate systems (offline) and syncronize the data at any given point in time without loosing any information.